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Join Our Team,

Wake Up Happy

Join Our Team, Wake Up Happy


The founding partners of Stanton Blackwell were fortunate to experience rewarding careers in corporate America.  However, as women in senior leadership positions, each recognized the labor model she experienced didn’t work for a lot of people.  A paradigm created after WWII, traditional corporate employment was devised for executives with a spouse exclusively committed to the family and household.


Teenagers, elder care responsibilities and one too many bowls of cereal for dinner later, the partners agreed to leave their jobs and start a company.  From scratch.

With no preconceived notions of how it should operate.


As they explored the business landscape, an enormous pool of untapped assets surfaced: people with years of amazing experience who weren’t working because their lives didn’t, at that moment, fit the traditional corporate structure.  The reasons were many and can be summarized in one word: life.


The rash of women leaving the workforce during the Covid-19 epidemic is a familiar story.  The partners frequently say that their career options were working sixty (or eighty) hours a week in a job they loved or, working zero hours a week to assume a care taking role at home.  Our first colleague said that she went from Managing Director on Wall Street to Chief Dog Poop Picker Upper just so that she could take care of her kids, parents and in-laws.  We hear it every day, "I need to use my brain."  


The magic of Stanton Blackwell is that we offer a flexible and fair labor model, utilizing contemporary workplace technology.  A great track record should not end because life gets complicated.


So check us out.  Send us an email introducing yourself.  Share your resume. 

Talk to one of our colleagues.  


You can wake up happy on Monday morning.  We do.

Certified Minority and

Women Owned Enterprise

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Reliable, Curious,

Collaborative, Empowered

Stanton Blackwell grew out of a desire to consistently deliver an inspiring work environment for everyone.

We like to work with colleagues who:

~ love to learn and share their knowledge

~ can check their ego at the door

~ treat projects as a collaborative effort

~ thrive on being empowered to be their best

Our partners and principals have a reputation for dynamic leadership, building diverse teams, and a strong commitment to professional growth.


Demonstrate Kindness and Decency

We founded Stanton Blackwell to create a different kind of company, one where people really matter.  Too often organizations start with good intentions but fail to create an environment that consistently delivers a work experience that invigorates, challenges and satisfies.  


So we simplified our values.  Everyday we evaluate our performance based on one question:  "Did we treat our clients and colleagues with kindness and decency today?"  We believe that if we maintain that focus, and do our best work, the rest will follow.


Hard Work is Only One Aspect of a Successful Life

We don't believe that being committed to your work is defined by a number of hours. We started this organization with an objective to tap great talent by providing flexibility - including non-traditional talent.


We want strong performers whose work is part of a multidimensional life. Come off the sidelines and join us. We are convinced there are highly skilled individuals waiting out there, ready and willing to consistently give their best effort to our clients.

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