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Carmen Oviedo

Consultant, Board Member, Speaker

Mid-size business and nonprofit leaders appreciate Stanton Blackwell cofounder Carmen Oviedo's insights on "operationalizing" their business goals. By offering top-tier executive experience to mid-size companies

and nonprofits, Carmen helps leaders deliver transformation. (Think HR, operations, technology,

and project management issues—all the business support

functions that can make or break a leader's vision.)

Stanton Blackwell

Speaking/Interview Topics

Maximizing Front-Office Effectiveness

Constant meetings, leaving "work" for weekends and evenings, executing daily tasks but not bigger objectives—these are signs

a CEO needs help. (Make no mistake: this chaos trickles down.) As a former Chief of Staff to a Fortune 50 CEO during the last financial crisis as well as board chair of a nonprofit, Carmen brings unique insights and real-world experience to leaders who struggle to gain control of the work they need to do to deliver the mission.


Transformational Change: A Roadmap for Success

Most change efforts fail to achieve their full objectives, leaving executives with subpar results. However, there is a specific methodology for ensuring transformation success. As co-founder of a management consultancy, Carmen understands the critical intersection between the business and human elements of transformation and can provide real-world insights and strategies for executives looking to drive change in their organizations.

Operating Rhythm for Executives

The modern workplace is more demanding than ever, with constant interruptions from digital tools and demands for instant gratification. Many senior executives struggle to find a rhythm that allows them to achieve their goals and complete important projects—resulting in burnout, decreased effectiveness, and lack of progress on big initiatives. Carmen's practical advice helps leaders set and achieve goals, streamline processes, and free up time for deep knowledge work for leaders who want to avoid burnout and lead their organizations to maximum effectiveness.

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