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Certified Minority and

Women Owned Enterprise

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Back Office Experts

When leading a corporate function in a dynamic business, it can feel like you are always on the edge.  Yet the decision to seek consulting help is still a tough one.  Once you do, picking the right partner is important.  At Stanton Blackwell, you won't be our test case.  We are dedicated to excellence in the back office.

As leaders with decades of functional experience, we are your partners, working alongside you and your team to get things running smoothly.  And ensuring that problems, once solved, stay that way.





  • Solution Roadmapping

  • Requirements Definition

  • Tool Selection

  • Implementation Support

  • Recovery from Project Failures

  • Technology Governance

  • CRM Troubleshooting and Adoption

These days, technology can make or break your business.  The range of potential issues is broad and there are a lot of consulting firms who can provide you with great advice. 


Our strengths are a couple of critical things.  First is bridging the gap between the business and technology - helping the business to articulate their needs and translate them into requirements technology can understand.  All with patience and humor.  Second is untangling massive and complicated webs of application and data issues to devise the right sequence for solutioning and delivery.  The outcome is a roadmap – that is in sync and keeps pace with the business agenda and is feasible from a tech delivery perspective. 


  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Process Improvement

Operations usually isn’t considered the glamorous part of a business.  In fact, when the back-office operations work great, the hard work that creates that flawless performance is frequently unappreciated.  We don’t care if a process is glamorous.  We like to fix things and have decades of process improvement experience in industries where operational defects have dire consequences. 


Do you need a project manager who will simply get things done?  Industry standard tools for process and project management are foundational, but without cross functional collaboration projects tend to fail.  Our experienced project leaders work with you to develop a realistic project plan and then instill a cadence for cooperation and success.


  • Financial Modeling

  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting

  • Financial Stress Testing

  • Financial Reporting

  • Investor Reporting

  • Business Performance Management/Scorecards

  • Financial Process Improvement

  • Banking/Cash Management

  • Internal Controls

  • Finance Data Architecture

Ever get tired of being asked to predict the future?  Frustrated by a constant barrage of costly surprises?  While critical for organizational health, accounting can be backward looking, telling you, very precisely, what just happened.  You also need forward looking finance expertise to connect your strategy to your business operations and your financial results.  


We help you provide your business leadership team with financial and operational information that helps establish goals, monitor progress, run scenarios and operate without surprises.  And we have deep experience with boards of directors, lenders and investors, speaking their language and articulating opportunities and challenges so that you put your best foot forward.



  • HR Strategy, Planning, Policies

  • Talent Acquisition/Staffing

  • Workforce Planning

  • Organizational Design

  • Employee Relations

  • Talent and Performance Management

  • Compensation/Rewards/Recognition

  • Employee Data/Analytics

  • Employee Communications

  • HR Operations and Process Management

Building a high performing, diverse and inclusive workforce can be one of the trickiest aspects of running a business.  Now, with many employees working remotely and with uncertainty in their professional and personal lives, leading your team has become exponentially more difficult.  In addition, many HR processes that were in-person by design, such as employee onboarding, need to be reengineered.  Our team has broad human resources capabilities that span the full range of the employee life cycle – onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between.  We were created in 2017 as a virtual company so working remotely is second nature to us.  We can help you rethink your people processes to not just adapt, but to enable a distributed workforce that delivers extraordinary results. 



  • Risk Framework and Policies

  • Compliance Policies and Procedures

  • Remediation

  • Business Resiliency

While perhaps a nice person, have you ever been glad to see your regulator walk in the door?  We understand.  Our partners and principals have spent their careers in regulated industries. 


The challenges and costs of regulatory compliance are significant.  But  adherence to the highest regulatory standards is critical to the survival of your business.  We can help you clear outstanding issues and  build compliance into the way you operate so that your focus is on profitably serving your customers.

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