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Stanton Blackwell provides operational consulting and leadership development with a specialization in the strategic support functions.


We share what we learn from our work in publications and on our website.

Certified Minority and

Women Owned Enterprise

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Counting Yens

Who’s Your Banker?

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Bank

Outdoor Business Meeting

Moving From Networking to Right Party Contacts - How to Make it Happen

Business Woman

How a Long Term View of Talent Prevents Blockers on Your Team

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Prioritizing in the Support Functions

Back Office.jpeg

The Back Office: Why Neglecting Your Back Office is a Bad Idea


Employee Onboarding in the Virtual World

Budget Planning Shutterstock_403880995.j

Ten Budget Pitfalls

Case Studies


Project Management: Client Centered PMO

Dollar Bills

Working Capital Management:

Cash Crisis Averted

Market Analysis


Establishing a Single Version of the Truth


CRM System: 

Governance and Demand Management

Business Meeting

CRM System: 

Tool Assessment

Data Cloud

CRM System: 

Data Quality

Business Handshake

CRM System: 

User Experience Complaints

Budget Planning Shutterstock_403880995.j

Zero Based Budgeting - 

Is Now the Time?

6 Simple Things you can do to Manage Bet

6 Simple Ways to Be a Better Manager in a Virtual World

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Virtual Employee Onboarding - Set up for Success

Stressed Employees_shutterstock_17523476

Manager's Guide for Managing Workplace Stress During Covid

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Leadership From the Back Office

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