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Virtual Employee Onboarding: Set Up for Success

With many companies now hiring remote employees, it is critical to implement a successful virtual onboarding process.

But the hardest part for managers –when they are already busy and have little in-person contact – is setting them up to be successful, effective members of the team. Getting them up to speed quickly is not only important for new employees, but also increases retention and aids engagement the entire lifecycle.

But who has the time? Here are five easy ways help set your employees up for success:

1. Set Goals

Define what success looks like by working with your employee to establish goals and a path to achieve them. One way to help define goals to help effectively accomplish this is to ensure they have the five elements of the SMART model: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Oriented.

2. Monitor Progress

Once goals have been set use the associated metrics to gauge progress. Not only will this help to see progress made along the way, but it will also help to identify and address any issues or unforeseen challenges that may pop up.

3. Provide feedback and coaching

When giving feedback it should be timely and include examples. If you are unable to support what you are saying then ask yourself if you should be saying it. Not having examples can undermine your credibility as a manager and leave the employee without the necessary detail to take the appropriate action. Coaching the employee is a little different. It means identifying an issue and allowing the employee to solve their own problem. Over time, this creates a more capable, skilled employee.

4. Support your employee

In addition to providing feedback and coaching, employee support can make a big difference in performance. Leveraging your position to provide resources, access to technology or remove barriers to keep a project moving forward is a great way to show your support.

5. Celebrate wins along the way

Why wait until the end of a project to celebrate its success? Recognizing and celebrating along the way is not only nice…it makes sense. Pausing to recognize accomplishments along the way helps boost morale and sustain energy while staying focused on project completion. This is also true even if the project is experiencing some challenges. Finding something nice to say can be the boost your team needs to keep going. Leveraging these five easy tips can help you set your employees up for success. This is especially true during a time when many employees are working in a remote environment, helping you stay connected and engaged while monitoring and driving work progress.

Need assistance with setting employees up for success? Stanton Blackwell is here to help. Reach out to me at and let’s talk through how to make remote work better for you and your employees.


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