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Certified Minority and

Women Owned Enterprise

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Putting the Strategic in Support Functions


As a support function leader, you are consistently challenged to do more with less.  When a business experiences rapid growth, or a sudden contraction, your days can be consumed with fighting fires.  A long-term, strategic view of your function can feel out of reach. 


Our consultants won’t offer theories.  We have walked in your shoes and understand, first-hand, the challenges of leading a support function, especially the inevitable trade-offs between efficiency and service delivery. 

Strategic Alignment

World class support functions are strategically aligned to the objectives of the business.  Let us help harmonize your functional vision and create an actionable roadmap that will enable the priorities of the business. 

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Your processes must be predictable, repeatable, cost effective and scalable as your business continues to evolve.  Now may be the time to evaluate existing processes, fixing gaps before they become operational issues.  We offer an unbiased view and can make you and your team shine.

Accelerated Execution

Business is a team sport.  Cultivating cross functional collaboration with your internal customers will result in better solutions.  And, establishing an operating rhythm that steadily moves the ball down the field will drive results.  Our structured approach will help your organization get more things done well.

Performance Management

Scorecards don’t just allow you to measure your progress, they are a dialogue tool for conversations with your business lines.  Eliminate anecdotal evaluations of your team by providing data on how you are delivering value and improving over time.  We quantify the impact of actions taken and link them to business results.

Regulatory Compliance

In a regulated entity, a poorly conceived or maxed-out process can compromise the entire enterprise.  Even more painful?  When the regulatory issue resides in your functional area.  Clearing audit issues and addressing regulatory matters require persistence.  We help build compliance into the way you operate.  

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