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Designed for Leaders in Need of
Practical, Expert Support

Middle-market, nonprofit, and small business leaders rely on Stanton Blackwell to operationalize their strategies with fast, measurable results. Because we recruit seasoned experts from leading companies with impressive "been there, done that" track records, our clients get the kind of real-world, actionable guidance that junior-led teams can't possibly provide.

Stanton Blackwell
Anne Gehring and Carmen Oviedo

We Help if you Struggle to:

  • Reduce costs

  • Budget effectively

  • Perform analysis and forecasting with disjointed systems

  • Meet project deadlines and goals

  • Stay on track or get good results from cross-functional initiatives

  • Implement shared services—or a partial implementation has resulted in additional, not less, cost

  • Integrate acquisitions

  • Align your technology roadmaps with business needs

  • Clarify your compensation structure

  • Communicate with your Board or Investors

  • Close your books on time

  • Use your CRM platform effectively

  • Define your organizational structure

  • Improve performance management and succession planning

  • Maintain momentum on strategic initiatives like diversity, performance management, and career pathing

Go From Vision to Reality

Founders Carmen Oviedo and Anne Gehring built Stanton Blackwell to help organizations remove the operational barriers to achieving their goals. Leaders appreciate our uncommon approach of quickly and permanently solving operational problems in support of maximizing results. When an organization reaches an inflection point, the realization hits, further success will be much harder without excellence in the business support functions.

Let's Connect

In our introductory call, tell us what you’d like to accomplish and learn how we help leaders in your situation.

Stanton Blackwell

P.O. Box 7024

Evanston, IL 60204

(703) 254-7071

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