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A Minority and Women-Owned Enterprise


We recruit seasoned experts from leading organizations with impressive track records accelerating the execution of transformational change. These leaders possess deep functional expertise in finance, human resources, and technology. This means our clients get the kind of real-world, actionable guidance that junior-led teams can't possibly provide.

Meet the Leadership Team

Partner with Us

If you're a middle-market business or nonprofit leader looking for the type of experience-backed visionary guidance you need to transform your organization, we'd love to share how our approach might work for you. 

Join the Team

If you’re a proven leader in finance, human resources, technology, or project management and looking for challenging work that fits your life, we're hiring. You can wake up happy on Monday morning. We do.

Our Story

After decades of experience solving complex problems and implementing large-scale

solutions in top organizations, we were both at the top of our games — and in the depths

of exhaustion from juggling the demands of life and family along the way. 

What is now widely recognized after a global pandemic — that the traditional corporate structure does not support modern family and personal needs — was something no one discussed seriously in 2017, much less attempted to solve. 

Besides our own struggles to "have it all," we saw countless top performers stop their careers to manage (or have a) life because there was no third option available. And when these seasoned experts later returned to the workforce, they were often expected to start over at the bottom.

At the same time, we saw middle-market business and nonprofit leaders fail to scale because they couldn't attract or afford the kind of talent they needed to solve complex problems.

That's when we decided to create a business that recognized and supported both of these overlooked and under-appreciated types of leaders.

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