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Client Stories



Background: A national nonprofit with significant event-based fundraising embarks on a project to create shared services.

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Cash Crisis Averted:
Textbook Working Capital Management

Background: A 100 year old client had cashflow problems that went unrecognized and could put them out of business.

Client-Centered Project Management: Adapting Tools to Accelerate Adoption

Background: A social service company needed to implement a vital project and develop a process to manage future initiatives.


Cash Management: Strategic Execution for Strong Positive Cash Flow

Background: A nonprofit with a substantial endowment wanted to review its cash management practices and banking relationships.

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The Scorecard: Establishing a Single Version of the Truth

Background: A broadcasting company had invested in a new and groundbreaking internet strategy - but there was no data-driven evidence that it was working.

Interim CFO: Blueprint for a Stronger Finance Function

Background: A nonprofit with a departing COO who previously handled finance found itself in need of an interim CFO.

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M&A Integrations: A Playbook for Value Realization

Background: A private equity-backed company with annual revenue of $100MM looked to double in size through serial acquisitions.

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Reversing a
Revenue Decline

Background: A nonprofit with a history of successful event-based fundraising was experiencing a steady decline in revenues.

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Building Scalable Infrastructure: Software as a Service for Small Business

Background: A $1.5MM small business grew unexpectedly and rapidly to over $4MM which far exceeded the capability of its manual processes.

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Client Relationship Management System: Governance & Demand Management

Background: A nonprofit organization was struggling to deliver CRM enhancements on time, on scope, or on budget.

Client Relationship Management System: User Experience

Background: A ten-year-old CRM no longer reflected current processes. System use, enhancements, and tool management were problematic.

Client Relationship Management System: Tool Assessment

Backgroud: Unhappy with their CRM, a nonprofit had been advised, but not convinced, that data quality was affecting use.

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Client Relationship Management System: Data Quality

Background: A nonprofit had almost abandoned its CRM system due to significant data quality concerns and a potential liability to fundraising efforts.

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