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Create the Operating Leverage
You Need to Scale Your Business
and Maximize its Value

Most business leaders in the middle market are focused

on one thing - growth.  

However, sometimes there is too much of a good thing.

The revenue comes so fast that your business outgrows

your operational capabilities. Suddenly, the team that got you this far can’t seem to take you to the next level.

We help our clients in the middle market achieve profitable growth, reduce expenses, and create the platform you need

to double your revenues, again and again. Our innovative approach will help you develop a roadmap to get from

here to there by identifying your greatest needs and largest opportunities, sequencing, and prioritizing projects so that you quickly see results.

Randy Stringer


 Finance and Technology Practice Lead

What Our Clients Say

“I turn to Stanton Blackwell several times a year for guidance on some of our toughest management issues. The quality of their people differentiates them from other firms. In a complex industry, it is hard to find a partner with proven talent and the right expertise. We count on them for unbiased advice and workable solutions.”


Financial Services Firm

Advising Middle Market Leaders to Increase Business Value

Interim Executive

The departure of a senior executive can create a huge hole on your team. You do double duty running the organization, sacrificing valuable time that should be spent with potential customers, partners or investors.

We have experts from all functional areas, including finance, human resources, technology and operations that are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. With years of experience, our senior leaders ramp up fast while adapting to your culture and style.


Sometimes, an acquisition or merger is your best path to accelerate growth. Maybe you have already closed a transaction to acquire the perfect strategic fit for your business. Now, how do you realize the full potential of the combined entity?

We use our proprietary integration playbook alongside disciplined project management to deliver the integration results you anticipated when you closed the deal. By aligning strategic business objectives with a realistic roadmap for change, we ensure realized value.

Cash Management
& Banking

Is cash flow a recurring issue for you? When was the last time you renegotiated your banking relationship? How do your fees and services compare to your peers?  


We have seasoned experts, former Wall Street bankers, that know their way around a balance sheet. We help our clients establish the most effective internal cash management practices to improve cash flow and evaluate, or renegotiate, their bank relationship for the best services at the right price.

Operational Strategy & Project Management

You probably have a clear idea of where you want to take your organization. Your strategy for growth includes new products, cost saving initiatives and maybe even the eventual sale of your business. But how do you realize that vision, take it from paper to reality with so many competing priorities? 


We collaborate with you and your team to develop a strategic roadmap for execution, breaking the work down into discrete projects. We guide you to realistically estimate the time and resources needed to execute each project, prioritize the execution sequence, and develop measures for return on investment. We help you deploy project management disciplines to support execution without creating unwelcome bureaucracy. 

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