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Book Anne Gehring or Carmen Oviedo to Speak

Get Expert Insights for Your Mid-Market Business
or Nonprofit Executive Audience

Choose either Anne or Carmen for your club meeting, conference panel

discussion, podcast, or as a source for your major media content.

The Founding Partners of Stanton Blackwell are seasoned management consultants focused

on helping middle-market businesses and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals through strategic transformation and change management. With decades of experience in the industry, Anne and Carmen are highly sought-after experts for leaders seeking "big business" expertise for their mid-size organizations.

Both Anne and Carmen have engaging and thought-provoking speaking styles.

Their experience helping leaders excel in both lean and prosperous times makes either

Partner a popular choice for audiences searching for practical wisdom.

Click below for more information about Anne or Carmen. We look forward to

working with you to deliver value to your audience!


Speaker Sheets
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