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Get the Results You Want,
Exactly When you Need Them,
through Expert Execution and
Strategic Timing

If yours is like most nonprofits, you don't have an experienced transformational change expert on staff. Naturally, you'd rather spend the budget for that level of expertise on your mission!

However, when it comes to implementing new initiatives or improving outcomes — the kind that can expand your impact in the world — you need a proven expert with a mission-centered heart.

Jennifer Williams


, Project Management Practice Lead

What Our Clients Say

“Stanton Blackwell really listened to what I needed when our CFO resigned. Within days, an experienced CFO was in place who quickly became a respected partner. Having a steady hand to guide the finance team allowed me to take my time to hire the right candidate. This was the second time I turned to Stanton Blackwell for an interim executive. I trust them to have our best interests in mind.”

President and CEO

Large Scientific Research Institution


Nonprofit Consulting for Increased Impact,
Donor Retention and Cost Savings

Interim Executive

The departure of a senior executive can create a huge hole in

your team. As you do double duty running the organization,

your strategic progress slows – not to mention the short-handed preparation for your board meetings.

We have experts from all functional areas, including finance, human resources, operations, and chiefs of staff that are ready

to jump in at a moment’s notice. With years of experience,

our senior leaders ramp up fast while adapting to your

culture and style.

Cash Management & Banking

As a nonprofit leader, your ability to drive impact is limited

by one thing: available cash. Are you sure that your cash management strategy maximizes the funding available for

your mission? When was the last time you renegotiated your banking relationship?  How do your fees and services compare

to your peers? 

We bring expertise in cash management and banking to

nonprofit organizations.  We help our clients establish the

most effective internal cash management practices and

evaluate, or renegotiate, banking relationships for the

best services at the right price.

Operational Strategy & Project Managment

You and your board probably have a clear idea of where you want

to take your organization.  A management consulting firm, working

pro-bono, may have left you with a document that articulates a compelling strategy for your organization’s future impact. How do

you realize that vision, take it from paper to reality? 


We collaborate with you and your team to develop a strategic roadmap for execution, breaking the work down into discrete projects. We guide you to realistically estimate the time and resources needed to execute, sequence projects to avoid re-work or false starts, and measure impact.  And we leave behind project management disciplines so that the work continues after we exit.  

Shared Services

As a national nonprofit, one of your greatest assets is your regional footprint. Your committed team, passionate volunteers, and generous donors create a local presence in each community making your mission real and visible. A regional structure is an expensive way to do business – are you operating with optimal efficiency?


Our Shared Services approach evaluates the internal costs of operations and identifies opportunities to streamline using proven techniques. But making it happen is easier said than done. We help you to manage the organizational change, communications, and training needed to make the initiative successful.

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