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Anne Gehring

Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Real-Life Experience with Energizing Delivery

Leaders, emerging talent, and students are inspired by Stanton Blackwell Founding Partner Anne Gehring’s insights on leading in dynamic organizations.  Collaborating with client teams at middle market companies and large non-profits, Anne helps translate strategy to operating reality.

Stanton Blackwell
Anne Gehring

Speaking/Interview Topics

Building a Roadmap for Results

Too often, an organization invests in creating a strategic vision for the future but doesn't follow through with execution. Without a coherent, carefully prioritized roadmap to success, nothing gets done. As an executive change leader in multiple Fortune 50 companies, Anne is an expert at getting the ball rolling. She helps to create a plan, define resource needs, and build constructive team dynamics. Anne shares her approach to road mapping and helping your team to navigate change.

Leading Change and Building Partnerships

Even the most difficult technical challenges come down to one thing – people. A leader’s role is to promote collaboration and help people feel good about the future. Too often, an initiative has the right technical approach but forgets to bring the people along. Throughout her career, Anne was the executive of last resort. Multiple times she took on a problem that had been deemed unsolvable and heard, “Good luck.” Yet, she succeeded. Anne provides insights into how effective leaders partner across an organization. She also highlights what works when leading major change and what to avoid. 


Finance as a Leadership Function

In a matrixed organization, everyone can lead. Gone are the days when the finance team is viewed as bean counters. Anne spent much of her career in finance at large companies. While it may be considered the back office, Anne became an expert at translating financial planning into insight and influence. She shares her experience with finance leaders on establishing credibility and building a team that is in demand.

Past Speaking Engagements/Panels

The University of Chicago,
The Graham School

 DePaul University, Driehaus College of Business

Fifth Third Bank

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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